Google's AlphaGo beats world's best player in latest Go match

日期:2019-03-01 01:03:04 作者:罗温一 阅读:

Rex Features HUMANITY is lost. DeepMind’s artificial intelligence AlphaGo has defeated Ke Jie, the world’s number one player, in the first of three games of Go played in Wuzhen, China. The AI won by half a point – the smallest possible margin of victory – in a match lasting 4 hours and 15 minutes. Although the scoreline looks close, AlphaGo was in the lead from relatively early on in the game. Because the AI favours moves that are more likely to guarantee victory, it doesn’t usually trounce opponents. In a press conference after the match, Ke said AlphaGo had learned from its recent victories against Go champions. “In the past it had some weaknesses, but now I feel that its understanding of the Go game and its judgements are beyond our ability,” he told the audience. AlphaGo will play Ke again on Thursday and then Saturday. It will also take on a team of five top-ranked Go players. This article appeared in print under the headline “Go for the rematch” More on these topics: